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Turris is Funded!

Hey everyone,

We want to thank every single backer for your support, it really means a lot to us! Now we move onto the stretch goals and try to create an even better game.

2 more game play videos

Between the campaign launch and now, we’ve also had 2 more videos released from Cardboard Rhino and the Game Boy Geek, you can check them out in the game play section of the campaign. This is in additional to the run through from Rahdo and the Man vs Meeple preview.

Improvements to iconography

During the campaign we’ve had some feedback on some of the more complicated mission cards and excavation sites; we’ll be working hard to improve the legibility of these cards during and after the campaign. Our goal is for all cards to be understandable without having to refer to the (comprehensive) player reference booklet if possible.

Factional Asymmetry 

We’ve had some questions about this and yes, one of our stretch goals will be to add cards giving factions asymmetrical powers! Every faction will get factional abilities tied to the lore, to create asymmetry. Players will be able to choose one of several options before the game begins. You’ll see this in the stretch goals section very shortly.

Love from,

AP Board Games