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AP Board Games was founded to create high quality, well designed thinky games. Staffed with a bunch of enthusiastic board gamers who play several times a week, we also happen to be veterans of game design and project management professionals who work hard to bringing you professionally designed and produced games. If you want to know more, you can chat with us on discord!

Meet The Team

Nikita's Photo

Nikita Chigladze

Nikita Chigladze is a game designer. He previously worked in arts management and has a keen eye for games that stand out.

Jun's Photo

Jun Li

Jun Li works on game development/balance and lore design. He runs a regular DnD campaign and is highly critical of poor balance in games.

Garvin's Photo

Garvin Tran

Garvin Tran is a project management professional and producer who is working behind the scenes to deliver professionally produced products; on time.

Joss's Photo

Joss Konrad-Lee

Joss Konrad-Lee is a game designer who has worked on several successful mobile and Facebook games. She works on lore, game development and community management.