Playtest in London

Hi all! We’ll be playtesting Turris at a few events in London – please feel free to come along and give the game a go! Link to back is here.…

Kickstarter Launched!

It’s finally here, we’ve launched! Back our Kickstarter and help us start working towards stretch goals. Thank you for sticking with us throughout our process and we’re looking forward talking…

Kickstarter Launch announcement: 11th Feb!

We’re happy to announce that our Kickstarter has been confirmed, and will launch on the 11th of February! Our preview/draft is still available and you can check it out by clicking here. We’re…

Kickstarter Preview (draft)!

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes to get ready for our Kickstarter campaign and we’re almost there – we have a preview/draft available and you can check it…

Turris Kickstarter Design

We’ve been diligently preparing our kickstarter design, and are currently attempting to perfect it. This unfortunately means our kickstarter will be delayed to the beginning of February. Here’s a couple…

Turris Teaser Video

We’ve made a teaser video, what do you think of it? Let us know on our social media! Our Kickstarter is coming this month! Are you excited? We are!


We are currently working on a board game named Turris. 

In Turris, players take on the role of tribe leaders in a post-technology society. Exiled from a once glorious city, tribes of scavengers are all that remains of a scientifically advanced humanity.

As the regular offering to the gods was delayed, the ground split open and vile Beasts arose from the Abyss, relentlessly attacking everyone in their path. Driven out of their home and left for dead in the harsh desert, the people have lost all hope, until an unexpected discovery was made.

Turris is a competitive Worker Placement game where players attempt to build the Tower as a final defense mechanism, utilizing the prehistoric technology of divine origin. You assign your Scouts to acquire resources and decipher the data from ancient machinery, all the while being constantly chased (and often devoured) by the unstoppable Beasts. The tribes all follow the Council’s directives and complete its missions, but as a tribe leader you know that once the Tower is built and humanity is saved, it will dissolve without strong leadership. In building the Tower, you acquire Prestige Points which represent your standing amongst the tribes. The leader with the most Prestige will take control of the Council and lead humanity into the future — whatever it may be.

Turris uses miniatures that represent the Beasts and Scouts, decks of Mission and Tactics cards, as well as Tarot-sized gold/silver lined Trionfi cards which represent the Tower rooms.

Please view our Turris page for more lore information!

Download our rulebook now: draft rulebook(pdf 130KB)

The Beasts

Image of the Pain beast.
The Pain
Image of the Delusion beast.
The Delusion
Image of the Despair beast.
The Despair
Image of the Harrow beast.
The Harrow

Trionfi Cards