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Fully Printed Prototype

Hi Everyone!

We’re really excited to show you some pictures of our latest manufacturer produced prototype – this is the version of the game that we’ll be sending to our video preview partners, and you’ll be seeing some videos come out in the next few weeks. 

In addition, we plan to launch our KS late July – (exact date TBC). You can follow the new KS page here:

With that out of the way, check out the game!

This is setup for a 3 player game. The Turris base game plays up to 4 but we are adding a 5th faction expansion, which we’ll post a separate update about!

Each faction will have a separate color to distinguish them, but of course we encourage painters to get creative!

We’ve updated the designs and iconography of the mission cards and the tactics cards. There will be a player reference book that explains in depth every icon in the game, along with a sorted list of every Tactics, Mission and Trionfi card in the game with text explanation of the effects.

Our icon based design allows us to easily create different language versions of the game by translating the rulebook & player reference. We’re looking forward to bringing Turris to as wide an audience as possible!

Don’t forget to follow the campaign to be informed upon launch!

Love from,

AP Board Games