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First TURRIS Stretch Goal Reached!

Hey everyone,

We want to thank every single backer for your support, it really means a lot to us!

Factional Abilities

This is the unlock everybody has been talking about! We’re excited to announce that FACTIONAL ABILITIES are now unlocked! Each of the 4 base game factions and the 5th player expansion faction will come with new abilities unique to them.

We’ve been testing several variants internally for months now and factions will have a choice of both active (as an action) and passive abilities that bend the normal rules or give you resources when something happens (triggers). Component wise these will be additional double sided cards.

Factional abilities will help give additional flavor to each faction, add replay value as well as give advanced players a way to customize their strategy each game. We’ll be careful to ensure they are well play tested and balanced. 

Stretch Goals

With factional abilities unlocked we’re going to move on to some component upgrade related stretch goals that will improve the look and feel of the game even further. We even have more goals set up that will be revealed as these get unlocked, and everyone is really excited!

Solo Mode

We’ve put a lot of time into making sure that the solo mode is challenging, fun, re-playable and reflects the full Turris experience. You can already check out the rules for solo mode in the rulebook but we want to show you too how it works – we’re already in the process of making a video play through for solo-mode and hope to be able to release this before the end of the campaign. 

Thank you all for your continued support!

Love from,

AP Board Games