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Event Update: 2019 World Science Fiction Convention

Hi everyone!

We’re back from the 2019 World Science Fiction Convention in Dublin! We had a wonderful time and had many playtesting sessions with people who loved our game.

We received a lot of extremely helpful feedback from everyone who tried our game, even those who were unfortunately unable to finish a full game.

Apologies to Gino, who tried to finish a game on several occasions but unfortunately both the games room AND the bar were closed before we could finish a game! Hopefully we’ll see Gino in the future and play a full game with no interruptions. You know you have a dedicated fan when they want to pick up all the pieces and set it all up again in a different location, just to finish the game!

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to come over and try out our game, and also everyone who came over to ask questions. Look out for our updates in the coming weeks, while we prepare to kickstart!

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